Tire Maintenance Services Sterling Heights MI

Monitor, maintain and repair your tires.

Avoid safety hazards and expensive service calls by regularly monitoring, maintaining and servicing your truck tires with our TA Truck Service TIA certified technicians.

TA Truck service facilities offer an assortment of tire services, from check and air, to balancing, rotating and repair. All services are performed by experienced professionals that will keep you rolling safely on your routes. See a selection of services available below, or see more TA Truck Service truck repair and maintenance solutions.

Service Price**
Check & Air Tractor Tires $28.99
Check & Air Trailer Tires $28.99
Balance One Tire $37.99*
Tire Rotation Per Wheel (On/Off Vehicle) $18.99
Repair Spare Tire (Not Installed) $42.99
Tire Repair (Outside Wheel) $44.99*
Tire Repair (Inside Wheel) $47.99*
Mount Tire (Outside Wheel) $42.99
Mount Tire (Inside Wheel) $42.99
 Spare Mount (Inside and Outside)  $42.99*
* Plus material; ** Prices subject to change without notice. Labor only unless otherwise stated.

Tire Industry Association

Trust expert training and certifications with TIA certified technicians.

Tire maintenance and repair at TA Truck Service facilities is performed by experienced TIA certified technicians.

TIA certification covers basic safety training on every aspect of the tire and wheel that is being serviced, whether it is in a TA Truck Service facility bay, on a RoadSquad roadside assistance call or on your lot through our OnSite mobile maintenance and repair solutions.

The immersive course teaches technicians how to recognize key failure points, and emphasizes the proper procedures that all proficient technicians must follow to prevent tire and wheel failures through interactive material, seminars and testing.

With more than 1,500 TA Truck Service technicians participating in formal training sessions – including TIA certification – you can be confident in servicing your truck tires at TA Truck Service location.